How To Safely Store Books In A Storage Unit

Some books are not easy to let go of. Whether it is just a really great read or has sentimental value, a book must sometimes be held onto. Here, you will learn a few tips for storing your favorite books in a storage unit without them being damaged in any way.

Choose the Right Storage Facility

The most important element of storing books in a storage unit long-term is choosing the right storage facility. The unit must be climate-controlled! Climate controlled units maintain a steady temperature and humidity level throughout the year.

Why is humidity control so important? High levels of humidity could cause mold growth and failure of the glue in the binding. Low levels of humidity could cause the pages to become brittle and deteriorate.

Why is temperature control important? When the temperature of the book fluctuates from warm to cold several times, the book could easily become damaged. You could see failed bindings and warping of the hard covers.

Pack the Books Properly

Books must be cleaned before put in storage. You want to remove all dirt and debris on the covers and the pages to ensure that the dirt does not stain or damage the books.

Wrap each book in a soft cloth before placing them inside an acid-free box. Acid-free boxes are free of contaminants that could cause the books to break down over time. Instead of buying a couple of large boxes to store your books in, opt to use several small boxes. This will make it easier for you to move the boxes which could quickly become very heavy.

As you pack the boxes, write the title of each book within the box on the outside of the box and number the box. Create a master list of the boxes and books within. This will make it easier for you to find a book when you want it.

Store the Books Safely

Never put a box of books directly on the ground inside your storage unit. Instead, lay a wooden pallet on the floor or use portable shelving units. Just be careful how high you stack heavy boxes on shelving units that are not secured to the walls so that you can avoid the shelves falling over and hurting someone.

Once you have placed your favorite books in your storage unit, don't forget about them! Take some time each month to visit the storage unit and ensure that the boxes are in good condition and show no sign of moisture or pest intrusion. Talk with your local storage facility to learn about rates and climate controlled features on their units.