Additional Fees To Expect When Renting A Storage Unit

If your home is filled to the brim with seasonal decorations or other items, it's a good idea to look for extra space outside of your home. A fantastic option that can make it easier to stay organized is renting a self storage unit. While storage facilities range in their rental costs, there are additional fees that you'll need to consider to ensure that your belongings are in good hands and that you're getting a great deal.

Size of Units

Storing items in a self storage unit may sound straightforward enough, but it becomes increasingly difficult if you don't consider the amount of space your items will take up. Along with choosing a unit that provides adequate space, you'll want to get familiar with the most efficient packing tips for the unit to be filled properly.

Considering the cost difference in the various sizes of storage units can help you find a good fit that is also within your budget.

Climate Control

Keeping sensitive items, such as electronics; furniture; and clothing, in good condition can be a challenge due to the changing temperature throughout the year. In order to keep your belongings in good condition, look for a storage facility that offers climate control for free or at an additional cost.


Making sure that the contents of your storage unit are insured is vital if you're storing anything of value. If you opt for insurance through a storage facility, you want to make sure that the coverage is enough and that you're paying a fair price.

Security Deposit

Most storage facilities require their tenants to pay a small security deposit before moving their belongings in. Discussing this deposit and whether you'll be getting it back upon ending the rental can help clear up any confusion.

Frequency of Access

A feature that is commonly forgotten by most renters is how often they'll be able to visit their storage unit. Some facilities offer access only certain times and days or even charge for access during off-hours, making it a good idea to get this information before signing any paperwork.

Providing space for your belongings in a storage unit can help free up space in your home, but it requires some planning to ensure that you get a good deal for the extra space you'll be receiving. In order for you to get your ideal storage unit with all the features that are important to you, make sure that you choose the right facility and compare prices beforehand.