5 Tips To Make Your Storage Unit A Safe Home For Your Things

Sometimes there is just no way around it; you have to rent a storage unit for some of your belongings. Whether it's just for a few weeks while you are in the middle of a move or you're not sure how long your items need a new home, they need a safe home. You can provide this by following the tips below. 

1: Keep Items Off The Floor

Whether you are storing boxes, appliances or furniture, you need to keep these items off the storage unit floor. Why? You don't know if the roof leaks or if there are other cracks and crevices where rainwater or melting snow may seep in. Water damage can cause warping and mold growth. 

A good way to keep your items dry is to place them on pallets, so they are up off the floor. You should also cover furniture and other items susceptible to water damage with a waterproof tarp. 

2: Protect Fragile Items

Even if it's a short trip from your home to the storage unit, wrap any fragile or breakable items. Wrapping items in plastic wrap is a good idea, as this gives you three protective measures in one. First, it protects the items from breaking. Using industrial plastic to wrap your times also keeps out bugs, dust, and any other debris that may be floating around the storage unit. Third, wrapping also protects certain items when the weather changes. It keeps electronics, old photos, and other expensive or irreplaceable items insulated from cold and can even protect items in humidity. 

3: Label Everything

You need to label boxes and other containers that are not transparent. If you don't have a label maker, a marker and tape will work too! While you may know be able to distinguish between boxes when you first put them in storage, after a few month or more, you are likely to forget which box holds what items. This is especially important if think you might need some of your items before you remove everything from the storage unit. 

4: Choose A Secure Lock

Your belongings are important to you, but they may also be tempting to would-be thieves. While most storage unit facilities have some type of security, you shouldn't take chances with safety. Find a heavy-duty, all-weather padlock to secure your unit. You also want to choose a lock with a short arm; this makes it difficult to cut off with bolt cutters.

5: Understand Your Rental Agreement

Read over your rental agreement and make sure you understand the terms. Storage unit facility agreements can vary, and if you miss payments, you could lose your unit. Units that are not paid for are auctioned off. Make sure the storage facility lets you know if you are in danger of losing your unit. 

Following these tips can help make sure your belongings are secure in their temporary home, so when you get them back in the same condition you stored them.