Everything You Need To Know About Fire Safety And Self Storage

If you want to make space in your home by storing items that you do not necessarily want to get rid of, then self-storage is the most logical solution. Even though a fire at a storage facility is a rare occurrence, it is still one fear that will likely be on your mind when your items are stored away from home. A fire in a storage unit could mean a great financial loss for you and many other people who are also storing their belongings at the same location. There are a few general guidelines you should follow to ensure that your stored items are safe from the threat of a fire.

Always Ask About Fire Protection in the Facility

When you first start checking out storage units in your area, make sure you take some time to investigate what type of fire protection is in place. Make sure that the units have smoke detectors or fire alarm systems. It is always nice if you can find a storage facility that also has sprinkler systems in place inside each unit. If a storage facility has its own fire protection, they will likely be proud of the fact and it will be advertised. However, if it is not mentioned in advertising or during your visit, it is a good idea to ask the manager.

Strictly Follow Prohibited Storage Guidelines

If you plan to store your items in a public storage facility, you will be given a list of items that are not allowed to be placed inside of the storage units. The prohibited items can range from one place to the next, but will often include items such as:

  • Flammables, such as gasoline or motor oil
  • Firearms, ammunition, and gun powder
  • Combustible chemicals, like some forms of paint and household cleaners

In addition to the typical guidelines, you should avoid overcrowding your storage units with paper and clutter that would be considered a hazard itself with the slightest spark. Keep in mind that extensive clutter would make the fire difficult to extinguish or contain if there ever was an issue.

Keeping your items safely protected from fire is just as important when it comes to storage as it is when your items are stored at home. With a little work as a smart consumer, you can easily find a storage facility that offers some form of fire protection on the premises.