Top 4 Unusual Finds In Abandoned Storage Units

When storage units (like those at Access Self Storage) are abandoned, they go to auction where they are sold to the highest bidder. The contents of another person's life are often pretty intriguing, at least that is what the storage auction reality shows portray. So, you may be wondering, "Are those shows for real? What do people really find in abandoned storage units?" Well, you just hit upon the find of your life! Without further ado, here are the top 4 real and real unusual finds in abandoned storage units (no scripted program here!). 

Would You Like Cash Back?

When a San Jose man purchased a storage unit with a run-of-the-mill large Rubbermaid container as part of the contents, he never dreamed it would contain cold, hard cash. Upon opening the container, the buyer was astonished to find gold and silver ingots and rare coins whose value totaled more than half a million dollars. Not bad for a $1,100 investment.

Explosive Find

Every storage unit buyer is excited to find guns and ammunition as they yield a high return on their storage unit investment, but it was not a pleasant surprise for a buyer in Michigan to find a live hand grenade during his clean out of his newly purchased storage unit. Luckily he didn't find it because it went off, and the police and bomb squad were able to safely detonate the grenade. 

The Great Beyond

While urns and ashes of the dearly departed are quite common, a Dunedin thrift store owner and auction storage unit hunter found something that went far beyond the typical urn. Dan Heaton found a blue coffin with its owner embalmed inside. That's right, a 95-year old woman was inside the coffin and had been for the last 17 years. Her family, for reasons unknown, had kept her in not-so-cold storage, and she might still be there if they hadn't stopped paying the storage fee.

He Takes His Work Home with Him

Dr. Michael Berkland took his commitment to his job very seriously--a little too seriously. When his air conditioned Pensacola storage unit was opened it was discovered that he had body parts from over 100 people stored in trash bags, specimen cups, and plastic containers. As the former assistant medical examiner, he had access to many bodies and their parts, but at the time of the investigation, it was unknown as to why he chose to engage in this unusual behavior.