Keep Calm And Reroute Your Movers: How To Handle Last Minute Re-Relocation

Relocating for your job is normal. What is not normal is reaching your new home and waiting for the moving truck, only to hear from Human Resources that you are no longer needed at the location where you are now. Before you explode into a giant fireball of panic, stop and do the following.

Verify Where Your Company Actually Wants You to Be

Since you already have H.R. on the phone, ask them where it is they actually want you to be now. Verify this in writing before you make any other plans or phone calls. Then verify with someone in the office at the next location that they are expecting you and when they are expecting you.

Next, Call the Movers

If you have the cell phone number of the moving truck driver call him or her first. If the only number you have belongs to the moving company's main office, call them and explain your situation. The drivers and movers have to check in with the office regularly, and the office can pass on the message that your stuff needs to go somewhere else now. If the truck is just hours away from where you are now, it may just be better to call the moving company, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving, to give them the heads up. Then wait for the truck so you can tell them they have to drive even farther away to the new location.

Finally, Talk to the New Landlord or Real Estate Agent

If you are renting at your current location, talk to your landlord or landlady. Your situation is not unprecedented, but it may come as a shock to the landlord or landlady who expected to collect rent from you for several months to several years. Because of the abruptness of your coming and going, you may have to forego first and last months' rent, but because you did not move a stick of furniture into the apartment, you should get your security deposit back. Communicate with your landlord/lady as soon as possible after you have ironed out the details with work and the moving company.

If you actually bought a house where you relocated to, then you need to get the real estate agent on the phone right away. He or she will need to put your house back on the market and begin to look for buyers. With any luck, your immediate re-relocation will only cause the real estate agent to turn to the next highest bidder on your house and help you sell it quickly that way.