5 Types Of Belongings You Shouldn't Put In Self-Storage

There are many items you shouldn't put in a storage unit. People often don't realize this and never read the guidelines supplied by the storage facility. Learn about the belongings you shouldn't put in a self-storage unit and the reasons behind those restrictions.     

Certain Seasonal Items

You might want to use a storage unit (such as those offered through Midway Storage) for seasonal purposes, which can include putting away items you only use during warm weather. However, storage facilities generally prohibit flammable items or anything that can explode if it catches on fire. In the unlikely event a fire ever breaks out in the building, these things can quickly make the situation much worse. 

Examples include fertilizer, gas inside a lawn mower, containers of gas or motor oil, lighter fluid, and a propane tank for a gas grill. You shouldn't store fireworks in the unit either. 

Other Hazardous Materials

Cleaning supplies consisting of harsh chemicals -- such as bleach and ammonia -- also should not be put into a storage unit. Herbicides and pesticides also are prohibited.

If a leak were to develop in any of these containers, it could become a fire or poison hazard.  

Certain Kinds of Food

You can store canned and bottled goods, but some facilities don't allow boxed items, even if the food inside is packaged.  

Bagged food, such as cereal and pet food, is typically prohibited because it attracts bugs and rodents. They can smell it even though it seems to be sealed well.

Although your unit may have electrical outlets, that's usually intended for renters to plug in a lamp or another temporary device. You won't be allowed to run a refrigerator or freezer to store perishable food. 


It may seem obvious to most people, but sometimes an individual feels that desperate times call for desperate measures. An eviction, for instance, might lead a pet owner to kennel a dog or cat in a storage unit for a short time. This is not only prohibited by storage facilities but is also illegal in many jurisdictions because of cruelty issues. Even fish tanks and reptile terrariums aren't allowed. 

Unregistered Vehicles

For legal reasons, storage facilities typically will not house unregistered vehicles.

Concluding Thoughts

Carefully read any instructions provided by storage facilities you consider before you rent a unit. If you question whether a certain item is acceptable, call or email the facility and ask. For example, many storage facilities don't allow guns and ammunition, but some do. You want to be sure you aren't going against the rules when you place your belongings in your unit.