Tips For Moving Out Of A Roommate Situation

If you are living in a shared environment, items can become co-mingled quickly in shared areas such as the living room and kitchen. It is important to make sure you have a solid game plan if you are moving out of a roommate situation. Here are four things to think about before you get started on moving out of a shared home.

1. Give Ample Notice

Even if you aren't on the lease, don't leave other roommates in the lurch just because you have found a better housing option. 30-days notice is standard. If your new housing situation is ready now or you are moving out of town right away, you might have to be on the hook for this month.

Giving roomates time to make plans for finding a new roommate is important.

2. Discuss Shared Items

Just because you bought the TV or microwave doesn't mean that your roommate has given it much thought that you will be taking these items with you. If you have lived together for years, sit down and go over the items you will be marking 'move' when movers come to pack up your things. This will help begin discussions on items where there might be a gray area when it come to ownership. These issues can be dealt with ahead of time and not on the day of your actual move.

3. Clearly Label Items

If you are moving out a space where others will be staying, this needs to be indicated as clearly as possible for movers. Be sure to move items that will be going on the moving truck to one room or near the entryway if possible. For larger items such as furnishings, tag these with colored tape or notes to indicate what should be moving.

4. Come Back to Clean

You might be overly excited to get going on unpacking your new space after a move, but it is important to do a final sweep once your furnishings are removed. Make sure that your room is in the same shape as it was when you moved in. This might involve carpet cleaning and patching holes in the walls. Sweep in common areas you may have disrupted as well while moving.

Moving can be a stressful time, but try your best to be sensitive to your roommates and the home that you are vacating. Regardless of what your next steps are, try your best to leave a shared home with as little disruption as possible and make the process less of a pain for your roommates. For more tips contact residential movers in your area.