Tips To Help You Prepare For The Packers When Moving

Few things take the stress out of moving as much as hiring a full service company that will handle everything from the packing and the move to the unloading at the end. Yet, you aren't completely off the hook even if you do have a moving crew. The following tips will help you get ready for the movers to arrive and begin packing.

Tip #1: Declutter every room

Movers typically don't take it upon themselves to determine what is trash or clutter and what is an item to pack. To avoid opening a box of trash at your new home, make sure you go through every room ahead of the movers and pull out the clutter. Donate old clothing and toss old paperwork you weren't planning to take with you.

Tip #2: Put everything in its place

As you go through and declutter, carry an empty laundry basket or box with you. Anything that isn't where it belongs goes in the basket. Then, when you are done, simply take everything to the room the items belong in. You want the movers to pack all kitchen stuff together, for example, which they can't do if half the dishes are stacked in the family room. By putting everything in the right room before the movers arrive, you are less likely to have misplaced items.

Tip #3: Set up a personal transport system

There are going to be a few things you don't want the movers to pack. When possible, pull these items out of the rooms and place them in an area that is labeled as off-limits to the movers. If you have any larger items or items you can't yet move, then work out a system so the movers know not to pack these items. It could be as simple as marking the items with a large piece of blue painter's tape and letting the movers not to pack anything with tape on it.

Tip #4: Create a labeling system

A labeling system for the boxes is also a must. This ensures that each box is moved to the correct room at your new home. Some rooms are easy, such as the kitchen or living room. Other things may need more descriptive labels, such as "upstairs bathroom" or "yellow bedroom." Use labels for the room that the movers can easily recognize without you there to direct them. Place a post-it note on each room's door with the preferred label so the packers know what to write on the boxes.

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