Tips for Moving an Upright Piano

The easiest way to move a large, heavy upright piano is via a professional moving company, but you can also do it yourself with the help of some friends. Even it the piano doesn't look very big, it will still be heavy due to the cast iron parts inside and the solid wood frame. A smaller upright piano typically weighs between 300 and 400 pounds, while a larger one can weight up to 800 or 900 pounds.

To ensure your safety, never attempt to move a piano yourself, even with the help of a dolly. Wait until you can get people to help you to avoid spraining a muscle or even throwing out your back. If no one is available to help during your move, hire professionals to get the job done. 

Here are some tips for moving an upright piano from your old to your new home:

1. Prepare the Piano

You'll need to prepare the piano before attempting to move it. Start by wrapping the piano in furniture blankets or even old sheets, and securing them into place with heavy-duty straps or tape. Furniture straps will make it easier to move the piano.

Prepping the piano will prevent the wood from getting nicked, chipped or scraped during the transport process.Not only could the piano's exterior get damaged from the move to the trailer or van, it can also get jostled around during the ride. 

2. Remove the Legs 

If you can, remove the piano's legs, wrap them in a towel or sheet, and set them in a safe place. Some pianos have thin, delicate legs that can get easily damaged during a move. Also, never attempt to roll a piano on its metal casters, as the movement can break them.

3. Plan an Exit Route

Before you start moving the piano out of your home, figure out the best way to maneuver it out of your front door. If that door isn't wide enough, you may have to take it out through a back or even patio doors. Know your route ahead of time to avoid having to push the piano all over your house.

4. Place the Piano onto a Furniture Dolly

Position one or two people at one end of the piano, and the other at the dolly handle. Begin sliding the piano onto the slanted dolly, and hold it into place as the other helper slowly wheels the dolly backwards toward the exit. 

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